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"I'm old enough to make my own decisions, but everyone keeps telling me 'I'm too young to know better'."

~Many YA everywhere

Image by Nathan Dumlao


To go to college or to not go to college...let alone trade school vs. college vs. gap year...Oh my!  Move out or live at home?  Take on the dating scene or stay single and "focused". Everyone has their "advice" that you need to consider. So many decisions and too much input!

Adults around you and their unsolicited advice are enough to make you scream!  They make you feel that you can't make decisions on your own.  Or...they don't "hear" you when you do make your own decisions.

Unfortunately, this is a common trend when entering new stages of life.  It's extremely frustrating and at times disheartening.  With unbiased support "adulting" doesn't feel so overwhelming.

Imagine speaking up and having your voice "heard".  Imagine making decisions with enough confidence where people's doubt don't influence you.  Imagine finding balance with "adulting".  Imagine connecting to yourself as an adult and being seen as one too. 

Let's schedule a free consultation to see if we are a good fit for one another. 

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