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Equine Therapy

"There is something powerful when healing through connection with horses"

~ Kodie Mobbs, LICSW


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When you know you need help, but you don't like to talk to people....

Equine therapy might be for you.

When talk therapy does not seem like it's "enough"...

Equine therapy might be for you.

When you struggle to share your feelings...

Equine therapy might be for you. 

Imagine living a life where your symptoms are decreased and you are able to live life at the fullest.  Imagine that they weight of life is lifted.  You are able to take that deep breath and just breathe.  What would that be like for you? 


Imagine are able to gently rest your hand on a horse's neck.  You feel the softness of their hair on your hand, the heat from their body, and their breath as they inhale.  As you feel that physical connection, you feel your muscles settle.  As you inhale a calming breath you smell the unique scent of a horse.  Therapy with horses is filled with sensations that provide you the opportunity to be curious about your responses.

If this sounds like something you might like, let's discuss your needs and concerns.

Not ready to call, but want to know more?

Check out this page.

Read my blog post. 'What? Equine Therapy?'

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