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About Whispering Winds

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The origin of Whispering Winds came to be in 2010 where I had inspiration to become a therapist to provide equine therapy to support those in a journey of connection.  The name came from the feeling I experienced when I galloped my horse. As I raced across fields with the wind in my face, blowing across my ears, and through my hair. 

I experienced a connection that one builds through relationship with their horse.  The connection where I became one with my horse and they became one with me.  In this state of being, I felt like I could fly as an eagle spreads their wings in flight. In this space of reality all my stress would fall away. When it came to an end I felt that I had the peace to face the adversity in life.


Whispering Winds Therapy is about embracing the gift of connection to hear the whispers. The whispers can come to us on a windy day when the wind is blowing across your face whether it is a sense of calming, knowing, or wonder. 

Though connection as I shared above takes years of development it is the spirit of which Whispering Winds. It aims to provide the inspiration of connection. I will be those whispers of empowerment along your healing journey.



Kodie Mobbs, LICSW

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