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I'm Kodie Mobbs.  I am a therapist and a horse woman.  Horses have been a part of my life since I was very young.  Over the years I have found a fascinating relationship with horses based on connection and emotions.  As I have been training to provide EFP (learn more here) I find myself responding differently with my horses...from a place of curiosity to increase connection and attunement. 

Why Consult with a Therapist practicing EFP?

We've all heard the phrase "They're scared of their horse".   As horse people we know that when someone is scared of their horse, things are not going to be good.  The question it a horse problem, a rider problem, or both?


When its the rider and their anxiety is high the horse is not going to respond well as you know.  You've done everything in your tool box to help this rider create a connection with the horse, but it's just not working.  Either the rider doesn't "hear" you, you don't seem to be able to communicate your message, or you just don't know how to help them.  

Maybe a client comes to you because they had a horse accident and their horse needs a "tune up", but they are scared to get back on.  No matter what you do, they remain anxious in the saddle.  Maybe they keep canceling lessons on you.

If any of these sound like issues you have or are dealing with, let's discuss ways to help your clients out!  Some simple tools for you to use in the Arena will go a long ways.  Or we can discuss a team approach during lessons. 

Is there some other area that you may need support or ideas?  Let me know at


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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